Best Picture: How Green Was My Valley   Citizen Kane

Best Director: John Ford (How Green Was My Valley)   Orson Welles (Citizen Kane)

Best Actor: Gary Cooper (Sergeant York)   Humphrey Bogart (The Maltese Falcon)

Best Actress: Joan Fontaine (Suspicion)      Veronica Lake (Sullivan’s Travels)

Best Supporting Actor: Donald Crisp (How Green Was My Valley) Joseph Cotton (Citizen Kane)

Best Supporting Actress: Mary Astor (The Great Life) Sara Algood (How Green Was My Valley)

Best Original Screenplay: Citizen Kane (Herman Mankiewicz and Orson Welles)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Here Comes Mr. Jordan (Sidney Buchman and Seton Miller)     The Lady Eve (Preston Sturges)

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Written & Edited by Jason Fraley / Graphic Design by Josh Fraley